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"Amidst a sea of garbage your books stand out as well-written, convincing, and different" - so says Michael Harrison, lecturer on Oxford Murder!
STOP PRESS: I am pleased to announce that Joffe Books have just published my latest crime novel: Dead in Oxford. This is the third in the Doug Mullen series, which also features D I Susan Holden.
MORE STOP PRESS: My Blood in Oxford series is now available dead cheap as they say, in an e-book bundle: Blood in Oxford Boxset
MORE STOP PRESS: I am also excited that 12 years after the original publication of my first novel Blood on the Cowley Road, Joffe have just released a paperback version. Given that I have recently learnt that this book has become recommended school reading in Oxford for students undertaking a Cowley Road project, the timing is rather fortuitous. Blood on the Cowley Road (paperback)

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"The story entices, jolts and disorientates on almost every page as the reader is caught up in an increasingly frenzied Danse Macabre" - Dot Marshall-Gent, Mystery People " "It is a gripping tale with many twists and filled with believable characters who are victims of circumstance. Mullen is a likeable but flawed hero, while the climax and denouement are handled with Tickler's usual subtlety" - Oxford United Matchday Programme
"It's so well rooted in its [Oxford] location that I couldn't quite believe the site of some of the most critical acton didn't actually exist" - Daily Information "Peter's novel is a fantastic read. Its refreshing to read an Oxford book which tells a gripping story from the town point of view" - Maggie Hartford, Oxford Times
" ... a whodunit in the best traditions of the genre ... You will drive yourself to distraction trying to work out the perpetrator" - Oxford United Matchday Programme "Absorbing and entertaining. Highly recommended." Mystery People
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Check out this video: Peter talks about how The Girl Who Stole the Apple came into existence.
Video courtesy of Growl Films Click here to take a look at The Girl Who Stole the Apple Do you love or hate Amazon? Check out Peter's blog for his trenchant response to Lee Child. Peter has also scripted two short films.He was delighted to persuade Jane Wymark (best known as Joyce Barnaby in Midsomer Murders) to star in Wrong Number which was featured at the Portobello film festival. Click HERE to see it



Or if you like to be scared, why not check out his other film A Place for Everything, which was shot by his film-maker son Hugo on a single night in Shenzhen in China and released to coincide with Halloween. Click HERE to see it - if you dare!


Incidentally, all of Peter's Blood in Oxford books are now available as e-books priced less than £3.00.


If you want to find out a bit more about Peter, why not watch the video (below) or read through his interview by Morgen Bailey. Click HERE to read it



Check out this video: Peter talks frankly about crime writing and why he prefers Town to Gown for his murderous tales.

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